sarah michelle gellar

the most beautiful and talented actress


Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar

"You know what? I only see myself doing films that interest me and that are a little bit off the beaten path. I will go wherever that takes me. I just - I always say it just can’t be generic. I can’t be the girlfriend or the wife or the - you can’t play the characters that I’ve been blessed to play and then do that. I can’t be the ‘girl’ in the film".

"I think we found our new Krispy Kreme girl"


CBS recently picked up nearly all of its current programming for the 2014-2015 season, with no mention for its freshman series The Crazy Ones.

So what can we do? Anytime you tweet or make a facebook status, include the hashtag #OperationSaveTheCrazyOnes, and remember to watch next weeks episode…

Sarah Michelle Gellar arrives at the The Television Academy’s 23rd Hall Of Fame Induction Gala - March 11th, 2014